Sunday, 27 March 2011

Who are the Shadowflaymes, and why are they here? Why become a guilded vampire?

Hello All

This is the first of many posts on who the hell we think we are, the Shadowflaymes are people in realms, like myself to which, I would consider myself the leader, but more humbly will call myself the organizer of this group. Since many in the group lead for various reasons and aspects in the world of text roleplaying, gameplay. Thus this title of [Organizer] will be my sole title, or better [Lord] since, that was the title of my true MAIN nephandi, Apophis. Although my other avatar alts are as follows:

Nephandi: Apophis and Amaunet.
Vampires: Naya, Nayatu, Sokar, Ghiel, Selmac, and Jabarli.(May have others, these are characters that are in use, current and should be contacted regarding this site).
Thieves: Iyan, Vala, Salus, Enak, and Qetesh.
Clerics: Ishta, Adria, Kare, Yingu, Nayathri, and Nayan
Mages: Karo, Gerak, Rodney, Ayan, Oberoth, and others, many many many others.
Paladins: Bratac, and Elendryl(lowbie helper, lvl 49[always].)
Warriors: Tealc, Taelc, Herak, Herac, and too many others too mention.
Rangers: Cameron, Stortin, and others not WORTH even mentioning.
Barbarians: Nayathan, Akiro, Ryak, and Zypochna.
Druids: Aerume, and maybe a few more? undecided here.
Augurers: Ayrume(lowbie leveling), and Ryac.
Fathomers: Jonathan and Jayson, as well as a few other lowbies soon to make av.

So leveling was never my issue with this game, although some found/find it hard, if you need info, tips this site will help with all information I have learned, the more secret like tips. You will have to find on your own.

Next is what the purpose of this site is, it will be a repertoire of knowledge for anyone whom wishes to feel free to share info with me. If the info, is validated and confirmed to be good for the new player, I will easily and most likely post it on this blog site. However, any attempts to damage this site or my chances of bringing players to our game, will only hurt the overall success of your runs and attempts to get better, so I will ask you? Why? If not to just be a "troll", "trolling" and if that the case, you should see my "trolling for gold" section. And thanks.

So now why become a guilded vampire? We are the most relaxed guild in the game, that still has activity. We enjoy some action, some conversation, and most of all the new adventures(I do anyways). Most of our membership comes from around the world, so you never know whose residing in the mansion at any given day, since everyone has calls out of the world of text. But most of all, for anyone limited in times and resources...anything "secret" here is most likely freely given to a guilded wise, and items and quests a plenty for the guilded vampire. So if you're interested simply send Nayatu Shadowflayme a tell. On the Realms of if you wish to link to the game, and know what were talking about on this here blog.

Jayson Crann
a.k.a. The Shadowflayme organizer.....not sure whom else wants to join up but send Nayatu a tell, or my alts listed above.

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