Saturday, 26 March 2011

Trolling for Gold, and trolling in general.

So you need gold coins do you?

Your an avatar, of any class, and you want to be able to do more?

Well this is a list and know hows, of where you can get that precious gold for potions, repairs, and if you really really want too you can annoy imms and gold bot these areas. But I would not suggest the latter, they will in turn change the areas or just cut to the chase and burn your characters for not reading laws stake. So be smart about it eh?

So with a any class that has midas touch, use the spell identify. You would be surprised what easy to attain items for the mage class will be worth midasing for that precious blue potion gold, and believe me the cycle here will work. So stick to these items, and if you want you can always add more or tell any Shadowflayme high value, easy to attain items with high gold value for the mage...class. Or any of these classes, some will undoubtedly overlap, but in the end, the lists are as thurough as I will ever make them, unless someone else suggests otherwise.

As most know Coral Depths, is a great lowbie level area for gold, as well as, the sentinel. These areas are great, one for gold outright, and the latter for the selling of items to the lazy players on realms. That do not wish to get their own items, and rebuy, die/corpse rot/scrap items, and then buy more. Good gold method.
Inspires use of areas, items, and turn around in the mud economy.

Also to get it out  of the way, Mithril Hall, is the biggest gold spot for any player, new and old. All tend to log there, atleast once in a given month, for the simple fact of taking it out on the dwarves, and midasing their rich valued mithril gear, among other items. So yes, this is good for all classes, and any level above level 25, and in time will prove to be way better a spot than any coral depths crab guards, which are also great for the early levels but as you grow in experience, and demand in potions so will your gold consumption, so the upgrade in the area and value of items, and mobs gold on hand is always nice.

After that, you should try out areas like Temple of the Moon(the amulets on them priestess/priests are worth 25k to you, so some make blue potions and purples a plenty, and you kill for experience anyways). After that, there is Mahn-Tor, Tree of Life, Darkhaven Art Gallery(the tea party mobs, barbarian fighter, and spectrum among some all have great valued items for midas). But the earlier 2 areas, are harder...and should only be attempted if your sure you wont die, since getting back on a mage can prove a lil challenging. Let alone to cr solo, and naked, still fun. But a challenge.

There is also the following items worth getting, auction/selling or midasing for the mage, and as you play you can decide which:
Lion Crested Bracers(Ocean Keep Guards, solely as they're lower lvl and more useful for some)
Dragon's Gloves(Bartok's Grove, great item for the occassional auction and awesome to use while leveling devout for stats, hp and dr, in the hand slot).
Southern Mountain Range(Bronze Shield, Golden Braid, and Silver Braid can sometimes be a worthwhile adventure for the mage of low levels, as it only takes gold. And they will be sold eventually, also the braids have 4mana, score? but at the loss of -1dex each, not so good. But hey you decide)
Octopus Garden(Has some great items for auction, and resell value. Also, some mobs and items there are worth the attention simply to attain the gold in chests..and such, for a mage..not to hard).
Ocean Keep(this area can be deadly to a mage, unprepped and unskilled. So unless your adept true sight, and like valiance, I'd also suggest using the ice girth from Icingdeath...see the special ice girth and loincloth section of this blog... it will be quite the unfun experience. However, having the knowledge, container, and readiness for the unparalleled for the mage in ease of golding...and should be considered one
of your end spots?)

Also as a final note, it is always best to only start trying for gold. When you have hit the level you attain trance, this being...24. Prior to that, the areas suggested are for the simple reselling of items..and gold on hand of mobs. Assuming it is your first character, the midas will also not come into affect until lvl 13. So unless your juiced and know mages, you really wont use it until later either. But tis always worth the adeption exp, right when you get it.

In the end, this should make the potion buying easier, and if you do have a warrior...check out the next section, it makes golding easier, followed by..Paladin, Barbarian, Vampire, and as you get more chars. The doors open, so your golding may not be so interesting, but perhaps runs, so again, if that floats your boat. Many avatars do run, sometimes in secret..sometimes outright openly. This is where I will now discuss "
"Trolling" in general.

"Trolling"- is the deliberate act of any one player to annoy another, in any means. This would be the use of channels is some form to annoy another knowingly saying something to upset another player. It is always best to know your "trollers", and in most situations avoid them. They will only hinder the game play experience, also, the age old saying guilt by association will always hold true, and some ppl on the Realms hold it ever more so, so it's best to stay on the side of the majority and not side with the |"trollers"|

"Troller" - A character alternate, or player even, always known to be trolling channels. Most of the time these players are in fact administrative retirees or old players, to lazy or bored or just irritated with some function of the game. To bother learning to adapt, in the end, they truly get annoyed with this, and will out right attack others in their attempts to succeed. By attack it is done in the means of verbal abuse, or negative comments towards them on channels. It fails for the most part, as the new player will leave, and they fail to get any hope at having someone to work with. But they'll do it anyways, so best to type ignore name, as that list gets full. Since they like to av chars, almost ALL they can do, you'll want to just keep note of the personality of the "troller" they are always easy to spot. And in the end, not speak with them, allow them to continue their "trolling" ways and alls good for everyone. Lastly, the best excuse of a "troller" for why they act the way they do "They do not care." Yet they still log in everyday, to make you care less, funny right?

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