Saturday, 26 March 2011

Leveling Eq Sets: Evil Aligned

This is for those that need info on how to dress to have a most easy time on the go during leveling. It is listed in classes, and will follow this post. So that anyone whom will need this information can read it, keep in mind, as I will be opening this up to all. It will keep some limited knowledge items away from this, however does not mean you wont be able to search for the specific info. Or send any Shadowflayme (title name) of character on Realms of Despair a tell, about the info needed, if they know it. It will be added here shortly there after.

So as I am second in the guild of vampires, I will first start with vampire leveling eq sets...I do my eq swaps every 5 levels or 10 levels depending on wearloc, so not to be constantly doing it. But to get better geared for other mobs in the next level group, I do suggest this to be a very proficient method. But it is not the best, by far, and as you learn and explore you may to be better than even I. I hope that like others in the past you will also share info, with the new player, so that games like this survive and grow. So back to my topic at hand the vampire level 1, can get by with academy gear, and the very basic of items...some rings of discord from the ferret, or rings from the warehouse dolls, are always nice. Also, if you have means, gold rings..low level, and weapons from SMR(southern moutain ranger) work good, if low enough.

As you work your way up though, hp, ac, and more stats..and even the damroll, although you wont see it will start playing more and more of a part. Also, new facts, the hitroll of items in low levels, also determine more of how you hit, amount of succesful hits, so this is another key fact. As with this, you should be working on adepting the fighting styles, a vampire is a nasty creature. They love the use of berserk style, but in some situations this will get you killed, so stay evasive, and standard..until you feel secure with the mob. Also, before playing and bouncing styles, make sure you adept them. This will help you immensely to get by as you need to flee, or just survive in a lesser style, in others this helps take less-do more dmg, or take more-do more dmg, or take less, do less dmg. These are the fighting styles, and they work also in your successful hit strikes, and all things logical to the more % in each.

Once the fighting styles are adept, and your in the gear suggested you should look for the following items, as your doing and attaining the items. Adept the skills and spells you have, as a vampire this will be feed, strike, and other random chill touch. They will all help you later, and during each item find which will be the following post. Since I do not wish to overwhelm a new person.